World of Words

Assynt I

The world around us is full of letters, at least for those who have the eye to spot them. One person who definitely has got the eye for the environmental alphabet is London based photographer Naomi Bid. I saw her photographs of letters, taken from familiar London sights as well as hardly noticed every day objects at the Southbank Christmas market in London in 2011. Market visitors could choose from a large number of letter photos to put together any word they liked. Naomi (and her helping family members) mounted them at her stall so that people could take away their very special London souvenir or gift. Her work inspired me to look out for the alphabet around me, both in an urban and in a natural context. It’s fun and a great exercise for the photographer’s eye. Living in an area called Assynt made me look for letters here. This is a first result.


Woollies – real and felted

On a walk along the coast we came across lots of sheep yesterday.


I made these felted sheep in the past few days. The white ones are my favourites at the moment and I think a contrasting head is better than one in a very similar if not the same colour. There’s room for improvement.

Looking forward to winter


My group of “crafty crofters” and I had quite a successful summer with 10 markets in the local village hall. The money that comes in doesn’t make us rich, probably just covers costs and is often spent on other people’s crafty things, but it’s the fun of it that matters most. These markets are social events during the summer, enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. Homemade cakes, coffee and tea are provided by different groups to raise funds for charities like a cancer charity, life boats or the local leisure centre. You can have a chat with tourists, explain what we are doing or demonstrate how spinning and felting works. One of my neighbours drops by almost every time and has been my most regular postcard buyer. In short: It’s been great fun and I look forward to next year.

There are two more markets to come and as Christmas is – well almost – on the horizon, I have made some Christmas cards.


I turned several photos of a lit Christmas tree, in which I experimented with exposure and movement into two collages. My plan is to sell them individually and as a set of 6 cards.

I am also making more little sheep after the first one sold rather quickly at the last market.


The making of sheep …

Although I am not too keen on gales and the very short days, I am looking forward to winter now with more time spent indoors following through some ideas and learning a few things to hone my crafting skills.

Rowan Trees

It’s not autumn yet although a northerly breeze makes the air feel cool. The first Rowan berries are appearing on the trees.


I took this photo last year, a bit later in the year, and I processed it with the Orton tool in Picasa. I don’t process my photographs a lot but sometimes I like experimenting with different effects.

As I sell photopostcards at the local craft market, I’m thinking of using it.