My very first fingerless mittens

I am still very much a learner when it comes to knitting although I have knitted quite a few small things over the years. This winter I want to expand my repertoire and one of the first things to “master” was the thumb bit in fingerless mittens or gloves. Being a continental knitter, I was looking for a tutorial using the continental method, preferably shown in a video as I tend to struggle with written instructions. After some online searching, I found this Knit Along video by Bronislava Slagle. With my mittens knitted up to the point where I had to do the increase for the thumb, I followed her 36 minutes long and very clear tutorial. For the first time ever I was able to make the thumb bit and to understand how it fits in with the rest of the mittens. It wasn’t difficult at all, especially as the main part of my mittens was knitted in stocking stitch. This is the result.

2014-11-12 002

It was great to see the first one take shape. I started the second one the following morning, sitting in the sun on our new decking with a cup of tea and listening to the chat of a group of starlings. I finished the mittens yesterday and took these photos before washing and blocking. As you can see they are slightly too big for my small hands, so I asked my neighbours to try them on to check which hand size they fit best. They fit snugly on a medium-sized woman’s hand.

Yarn used: 48g of red and brown merino-silk blend, handspun, by Naturally Sheepish. Needle size: 3.5mm.

Now that I have mastered the basics I can proceed to something slightly more complex. A cable or other pattern on the back of the mittens maybe?


Scarf for autumn and winter days

A few days ago I finished this scarf.

2014-11-05 001

I knitted it in ribbing (2k,2p) and with yarn called creative melange chunky, which I bought in Ullapool. It’s 53% wool and 47% acrylic, which means it is soft around the neck, especially for people with sensitive skin and for children. Length 1.42 metres, width approximately 9.5 centimentres. Needle size: 6.5mm

I find it difficult to get the colours right in my photos of woollen creations. In this one the scarf seems a bit bluer than it is. The darker areas on the blue go actually more towards petrol.