From the people for the people – Thom Feeney’s simple and uplifting idea

The crisis in Greece has been going on for a painfully long time. I don’t know enough about all the ins and outs of the situation to give a sound analysis, which most likely is not needed now anyway. Today I read in a friend’s blog about a crowd funding initiative set up by London shoe seller Thom Feeney to raise 1.6billion Euros to save Greece.

Reading about his thoughts on the Greek Crisis touched me immediately and made me aware how much I am caught in the same limiting thinking of reprimanding, blaming and punishing that doesn’t lead anywhere.

This simple idea breaks out of all that and has the potential to get things flowing again, for Greece and for Europe as a whole. 3 Euros or 2.26 pounds donated by every European would raise the money needed, he claims. What I like about the idea is the positive attitude and energy it radiates, an energy that has the potential to make something seemingly impossible happen. All this underlined with the sense of humour and lightheartedness that I love about Britain and british people.

There are 64 hours left to reach the target of raising 1.6 billion Euros. 1.769.030 Euros have been raised so far. Still a lot to go but worth trying, I think.

If you like, take the time to read about his initiative here: and make up your own mind.

Also worth reading: an article in the Guardian about the fundraising project.


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